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Stage 4 - Construction

Get onsite as early as possible. At Prime we believe in the benifits of early engagement with the specialist contractors. Through commissioning workshops and onsite interaction we gather a useful knowledge of their capabilities and their understanding of the commissioning process, particularly were they must interface with other specialist's systems. Our diligence and knowledge gathering during this inspection and static testing stage informs our approach to the later dynamic commissioning stage (Stage 5).


We have found that during this construction stage unforeseen commissioning opportunities often arrise. Our commissioning managers are attunned to spotting opportunities were for example temporary connections may be used to enable advancement through phased commissioning.


Key Stage 4 Commissioning Management activities include;

  • Conducting pre-start commissioning workshops
  • Review and commenting on pre-commissioning and commissioning Method Statements
  • Participation in off-site commissioning
  • Producing documentry evidence that the required performance outcomes from static testing and installation checks have been achieved.

In the RIBA Plan of Work this is part of Stages J & K - Mobilisation and Construction to Practical Completion

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