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Stage 5 - Commissioning

"The advancement of an installation from static completion to full working order to the specified requirements. It includes setting-to-work of an installation, the regulation of systems and the fine tuning of systems"

- Commissioning, as defined in CIBSE Commissioning Code M

Previous stages 1 - 4 in the commissioning process have provided the ground work getting us to this stage. It is now that our role as commissioning managers becomes pivotal to the advancement of the building. During this dynamic commissioning stage we chair weekly commissioning meetings and manage & witness onsite standalone and integrated testing. Our knowledge gained during the previous stages and our technical expertise now comes to the fore as we guide the MEP services through to planned Practical Completion.


Key Stage 5 Objectives;

  • Setting Systems to work
  • Regulation of systems
  • Performance testing
  • Critical life safety systems commissioning
  • Building Control and other third party involvement
  • Full integrated systems testing and demonstrations to 3rd Parties

In the RIBA Plan of Work this is part of Stage K - Construction to Practical Completion

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