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Commissioning management of modern building services is a broad discipline; it guides and regulates the work of diverse technical specialists into one coordinated whole

Commissioning management is often perceived by the building services trade contractor as an obstacle in a line of resistance that obstructs their path to achieving project practical completion.


Conversely the Client may see commissioning management as a passive activity, monitoring and reporting only, without providing solutions and direction to the project.


We aspire to move these perceptions away from the obstructive/passive image which often degenerates into a box ticking mentality. Prime instead aim to provide a tangible service that adds value and leads both trade contractor and client to a satisfactory conclusion – successful practical completion and project handover.


We can achieve this through a fresh approach to commissioning management, where experience and knowledge show the way forward through imaginative problem solving and constructively applying our Prime principles;-


  • Enthusiastic Proactive Involvement – take responsibility and make a difference
  • Be robust and rigorous in following the correct processes and procedures
  • Interact constructively with clients and Trade Contractors
  • Communicate – Listen, be polite, provide clarity, avoid ambiguity
  • Quality – set the standards, maintain them and stick to the plan
  • Motivate – set clear goals and unified objectives
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